What is Ascent - Adaptation and Regeneration?

The Gym of the Future

Touted as “The Gym of the Future” by Men’s Journal, Ascent in Newport Beach could very well be one of Orange County’s best-kept secrets. With a strong focus on “out-of-the-box” regeneration technologies, one may say that Ascent is definitely ahead of the times…


Ascent Adaptation & Regeneration

Introduction to Ascent

The Ascent facility in Orange County is the Nation’s ONLY center of its kind. Ascent specializes in methodologies that aid the body in regenerating through effortless physical conditioning on a cellular level. Modern Integrative research has identified several crucial factors that regulate the body’s level of wellness and it’s chances of developing chronic conditions. Having optimal levels in the following key areas specifically impact our quality of life as we age:
Blood Flow
At Ascent, we incorporate cutting-edge technologies to accomplish longevity & regeneration by increasing oxygen levels, maximizing blood flow to organs and aiding in the elimination of cellular waste. We strive to empower our clients in taking control of their personal well being, through available technologies that naturally, “trick” the body and mind to adapt and become stronger. We have customized regimens aimed at clients striving for general wellness, as well as those seeking improved athletic performance and recovery.
The Ascent Team
Heather Hiniker
President / CEO
About Heather

Heather Hiniker has been a successful entrepreneur for most of her adult life. In 2007, after having been a top producing account executive in the mortgage industry for 10 years, Heather decided it was time to go into business for herself and cofounded an extremely successful mobile tire company. She is a founder and was CEO of Rubber On Wheels Inc., for over 3 years before selling her share to her partner in 2010.

It wasn’t until Heather was diagnosed with a progressive and deteriorating autoimmune disease that she found her true passion and path in natural adaptation methodologies. After attaining remission for her Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis with these holistic therapies, Heather opened what is now, one of the nation’s leading, sports performance and adaptation centers. Her vision is clearly reflected when visiting the Ascent facility in Newport Beach… it is no coincidence that her personal health struggles fuel her passion to share these cutting-edge technologies with the world.

Heather frequently speaks at and attends many local sports performance and endurance events. She has been quoted in Men’s Journal, The Orange County Register and Vice Magazine. She is also a trained and certified Nexalin (Advanced Brain Therapy) technician, CVAC Systems Administrator, and BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) specialist. Heather is often referred to as a visionary, although she would disagree…. She simply believes she has “found her purpose and is grateful for the journey that has led her to do what she loves”.

Ame Erwin
Director of Operations
About Ame

Ame Erwin has worked within the realm of holistic health and wellness for over 12 years. She became a certified massage therapist in 2007 and has gained an immense amount of knowledge and experience working alongside physical therapists, occupational therapists, and chiropractors. Inspired by her passion for well being, technology, and helping people, Ame became a certified nursing assistant and later a certified microcurrent therapy practitioner.

As Director of Operations of Ascent, Ame continues to share her passion for optimal wellness in helping clients reach their highest potentials. Certified as a CVAC Systems Administrator, Nexalin (Advanced Brain Therapy) technician, BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) specialist and member of The Academy of Applied Bio electrophysiology, her eternal quest of increased knowledge continues to expand through Ascent’s cutting-edge regeneration and adaptation technologies.

Heather Parkovich
Facility Administrator
About Heather

Heather Parkovich joins the Ascent team with over twenty years of medical experience. Graduating in 1996 as a medical assistant, Heather has worked with and consulted for numerous, well-known Newport Beach plastic surgeons and dermatologists. In addition to being a certified medical esthetician and co-owner
of Salon Esthetique in Newport Beach, Heather is an integral part of Ascent. She has been certified as a CVAC Systems Administrator since 2012. In 2016 Heather also added, certified Nexalin Advanced Brain Therapy technician and BEMER specialist to her resume. Her unparalleled nurturing ways shine through in her passionate care for each and every client.

Jessica Gonzalez

Facility Administrator
About Jessica

Jessica Gonzalez has worked in the fitness/wellness industry for over 7 years at family-owned day spa,The Body Centre. In addition to her wellness background, she joined the United States Air Force right out of high school. Jessica is currently pursuing a degree in public relations, while gaining further knowledge of the cutting-edge technology offered at Ascent. Her attention to detail and caring personality ensures the best of care for our clients.

Our Technologies


Adapt and Regenerate
LightStim LED Bed

Photobiomodulation/Red Light Therapy

Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning
Ballancer® Pro

Lymphatic Massage Therapy System


PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy)  BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation)

Advanced Brain Therapy

Sonix WBV

Whole Body Vibration

Improve the body’s response to oxidative stress damage

InBody 770
Bio-Electrical Impedance
Body Composition Testing


The Ascent facility in Orange County helps hundreds of athletes each year to rapidly adapt and heal from the mental and physical challenges of the game. 

These are just a few of the successes our customers experience on a daily basis.


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