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If you keep struggling towards achieving the perfect body, but your efforts seem to be in vain, we welcome you to Dr. Fat Loss! Compared to your average weight loss clinics, we function in line with entirely different standards. Our vision is as unique as it is revolutionary, and we’ve proven it to work.

If you’re among the people that, despite their best efforts, can’t lose weight, you qualify for our program. Our fat loss expert in Long Island offers you the opportunity to join a health transformation program that will change your life. And this is where we separate from your conventional health clinics.

We don’t offer a diet plan, nor do we base our system on a weight loss routine. What we offer is a three-step health transformation strategy that functions as follows:

Computerized body composition analysis

The first thing we’ll do is to analyze your body and build your biological profile. We do this in advance because not all people function the same. Various stimuli affect some people different than the others. This is why you see your friend losing a lot of weight during the weight loss routine that does nothing for you.

The factors we take into account during the initial screening include:

  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Your daily calorie intake
  • The overall physique rating
  • The Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Bone and muscle mass
  • Body fat mass, etc.

Our fat loss expert in Long Island will use this information to craft a personalized health enhancement strategy that you will stick to for months to come. It will not only shape your body but your entire life as a consequence.

Biological reprogramming

It may sound like a rich concept, but the mechanism behind it is fairly simple. We’re talking about reigniting the metabolic rates and condition the organism to burn fat automatically. In many cases where people fail to lose weight despite sustained efforts, the culprit is some form of hormonal imbalance.

It can happen to men and women alike, and it will sabotage your efforts of getting in shape without you even realizing it. To counter that, we offer specific procedures that will reset your metabolism and force the body to enter the so-called fat-burning zone. At that point, the process of autophagy will trigger, causing the cells to flush out the toxins and restore the hormonal balance. In simpler words, you will burn fat faster and for more extended periods.

Meal planning

Your nutritional intake will define your success in remaining active and healthy over the years. We are, almost literally, what we eat. Following this philosophy, our fat loss expert in Long Island will optimize your diet plan to provide the best nutritional value you can get.

It’s clear why our health transformation program ranks among the most consistent and reliable health strategies in the industry. Dr. Fat Loss is here to offer you a way to reach your goals and achieve the body you’ve only dared to dream about – until now.

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fat loss expert in Long Island

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