Cryotherapy Treatments in Buffalo

Cryotherapy Treatments in Buffalo

Universal Chiropractic is one of the leading clinics with the most advanced Cryotherapy chambers in Buffalo. Our Cryotherapy treatments in Buffalo are affordable and highly effective in patients seeking a solution for pain relief and muscle healing.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a type of “cold therapy,” where we expose your body to extreme cold temperatures for a couple of minutes. Cryotherapy is of two types: localized cryotherapy and whole-body cryotherapy. There are several ways to get localized cryotherapy, such as ice packs, coolant sprays, ice massage, probes administered into the tissue, ice baths, etc.

On the other hand, in the case of Whole-body cryotherapy (WBC), your entire body (except your head) goes into a chamber with extremely cold air for a few minutes. This therapy offers several health benefits to patients, such as pain relief, weight loss, relief from nerve irritation, etc. The temperatures can drop up to negative –300°F, and you will stay in the chamber for anywhere between two and four minutes. One of the best things about cryotherapy is that you can experience effective and visible results in just one session, although having several sessions may offer improved benefits and wellness. We offer the best Buffalo cryotherapy treatments with a team of experienced chiropractors, therapists, and RNs.

Top reasons to choose us for Cryotherapy

Dr. Richard Ziarkowski is the best Buffalo cryotherapy doctor with several years of experience and hundreds of positive patient reviews. Dr. Z is on a relentless mission to bring the latest technology to his patients to help them heal and recover from pain-related ailments using non-invasive and drug-free treatment approaches.

We are the only clinic with the least wait times, and we offer cryotherapy at the lowest rates in Buffalo. Besides pain relief, our cryotherapy treatment also helps patients attain health benefits like weight loss, stress reduction, sports recovery, etc.

Who can benefit from cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy improves overall health by causing the blood to rush to the core, and by enriching it with oxygen and red blood cells. Patients with the following ailments can benefit largely from cryotherapy:

  • Muscle pain and muscle disorders – Patients suffering from conditions like arthritis, painful muscle aches, and athletic injuries can attain increased blood circulation, pain relief, and fast healing after cryotherapy. This therapy also heals the damaging effects of intense exercise and offers relief from a variety of different muscle pain.
  • Weight loss – In this therapy, the cold temperature forces the body to produce heat and stay warm, it improves the body’s metabolism. If you are someone that can engage in physical exercise because of pain, cryotherapy can relieve the pain and can help you get back on your fitness routine.
  • Reduced inflammation – Cryotherapy helps reduce chronic inflammation and reduces your risk for several health problems like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc.

Call us at 716-822-2225 for more details on our Cryotherapy Treatments in Buffalo. Universal Chiropractic has the best Cryotherapy specialists in Buffalo, and we can help you overcome chronic pain and heal from injuries in a relatively short period.

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Cryotherapy Treatments in Buffalo

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