BEMER Therapy Newport Beach

BEMER Therapy Newport Beach

Does BEMER Therapy in Newport Beach Works?

Have you heard about the Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation or BEMER? It is a form of therapy that helps to improve all the vital processes and the metabolism of every single cell. The cell has the ability to regulate and heal itself only if it has an adequate supply of energy.

However, due to the pollution and lifestyles, the metabolism of the cells has been impaired due to detrimental energy balance. If the cell’s metabolism is not at par, it may lead to degenerative processed, decrease in vitality, weak immune system, and developing of chronic diseases.

To reactivate the cells, electromagnetic impulses can be employed known as the Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Therapy. This enables the cells to generate more energy and regain its normal functions. This shows that if an electromagnetic field is applied to your body, it can improve any condition.

To boosts the healthy metabolism of the cells and the body in general, a new system was developed and introduced. It is called the Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation or BEMER. This therapy helps to supply the energy deficiency in every cell.

Using this therapy involves lying on a mat wherein a pulse magnetic field flows. This type of therapy originates from Germany and it does not show any side effects and is painless.  BEMER Therapy in Newport Beach offers this therapy to those who want to achieve optimum health condition.

How Does BEMER Therapy Works?

Did you know that all the bodily functions depend on electromagnetic signals? The electromagnetic signals are generated through exercise or as long as the body is moving. Keeping your body moving can strengthen the body organs, boosts the immune system, and promotes muscle growths. Otherwise, the tissue will suffer from an inadequate supply of electromagnetic energy.

The human body cannot survive without magnetism. In the same manner, exercise does not only excite the circulation but also oxygenates the tissues.

BEMER works in two ways including the following:

  • Cells’ Processes

Almost 100 trillion cells are present in the human body that plays a significant role in the harmonious assembly of organs and tissues. BEMER therapy helps to restore the normal level of the membrane potential through the electromagnetic field.

In the same manner, the electromagnetic energy activates the enzymes that are essential for the metabolic processes. Thus, the immune system improves and the cells are detoxified.

  • Bio-electromagnetic Affects the Blood and Its Circulation

Through BEMER therapy, the blood circulation is improved because the electromagnetic energy dilates the blood vessels. It also enhances even the microcirculation and oxygen saturation of the arterial blood. If the blood circulates properly, the risks of developing thrombosis are at bay.

BEMER claims to provide the body with several benefits considering that it makes the cells in good condition. This type of therapy eases the muscles, reduce tension, maintain performance, and relax the brain. As mentioned above, the electromagnetic energy improves the natural healing ability of the cells that are important for recovery.

The good thing about BEMER therapy is that it is accepted as a conventional medicine. Its scientific evidence was recognized by the medical societies. You can contact the BEMER Therapy in Newport Beach for more information about this form of therapy.

BEMER Therapy Newport Beach
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