PEMF Santa Ana

PEMF Santa Ana

PEMF Santa Ana

For maintaining your wellness, it is essential to balance your diet with an active lifestyle, but sometimes an injury or a pain may prevent you from doing some exercises. If this is the case, please visit Ascent Adaptation for a session or two of PEMF in Santa Ana.

How does PEMF reduce pain?

The Pulse ElectroMagnetic Field therapy re-energizes the body cells in the affected areas, giving them a boost in maintaining and repairing themselves. The technology is not meant to cure a specific condition but will empower your cells to provide accelerated healing by reinforcing them native regenerative capabilities.

Restoring the body’s energy levels, improving blood circulation, increasing detoxification and oxygenation are only a few ways that PEMF will help with pain management. It is essential to have healthy, fully functional cells for optimal health and support your organism to fight diseases or infections efficiently.

The ways PEMF therapy works

The device will stimulate the cells, recharging them, and improving their overall performance. An improved nutrients absorption, higher levels of energy, and an enhanced waste and toxins removal will deliver considerable benefits like:

  • Stimulation of tissues and muscles flexibility – PEMF in Santa Ana is increasing the stimulation of collagen, which in return improves cell’s membrane elasticity and foreseeable muscles flexibility.
  • Reduced swellings and inflammations – a low-intensity EM pulse recharges your body, reducing the pain and decreasing swellings. PEMF is reducing the inflammatory fluids causing bruises, is improving cellular flexibility and is increasing the oxygen delivered to the tissues.
  • Bone growth stimulation – the therapy will support the natural healing at the place of the fracture by improving the electrical polarity and stimulating the cells to speed up the healing process.
  • Better blood circulation – PEMF therapy stimulate the blood flow, helping with vasodilation so that more oxygenated and fuller of nutrients blood reaches the organs.
  • Detoxification – the technology improves all body functions, including the waste and toxins collections and fast and efficient disposal. Changing the cellular PH alkalinity leads to better oxygen uptake and suppress infections from spreading the body.
  • Improved mental health – when we use the device in the skull area, the pulsatory waves will correct the chemical and electrical imbalances leading to increased brain activity. As a result, the memory will improve and, in some cases, will also be possible to treat depression.

How much does PEMF therapy cost?

The cost depends on what are you looking to achieve, what kind of ailment you want to treat, and how many sessions are required. The easiest thing to do is to fix an appointment with us, and one of our specialists will guide you on the procedures to follow and will also give you an estimate.

When regularly used PEMF in Santa Ana is useful in relieving common ailments and pains. It will strengthen your immunity, will relax your nervous system, and will improve the quality of your life. Ascent Adaptation has a rich history in delivering wellness, and we will be more than happy to assist you as well.

PEMF Santa Ana
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PEMF Santa Ana PEMF Santa Ana PEMF Santa Ana