NanoVi offers superior cellular rejuvenation. Ascent Adaption and Regeneration in Orange County helps patients use this natural process to aid patients.

How do aging and exercise affect the body?

Stress causes the body to release negative signals that cause cells to become overworked and damaged. The abundance of these bad signals increases with age or in periods of heightened activity. An abundance of these stressors results in cell death.
To combat this, your body produces positive electromagnetically related signals that trigger natural repair processes. Cells repair at a faster rate than they degenerate when these signals, supported by positive nutrition, outweigh the number of stressors.

Can I repair cellular damage?

Repairing cellular damage relies on your body’s recovery mechanism to keep your body healthy and agile. While the process occurs without stimulation, supplements increase the rate of recovery.

Treatments using everything from pharmaceuticals to electromagnetic waves work in this case. They trick the body into stimulating impacted areas. This results in faster recovery times and highly beneficial side effects such as better skin condition and improved healing for many injuries.
Using NanoVi to promote cellular rejuvenation.

NanoVi avoids the use of drugs to stimulate your natural recovery mechanism. Scientists discovered the power of electromagnetic waves in unrelated studies. The founder of the NanoVi method used this information to recreate the exact wavelength that positive signals produce.
Backed by research, NanoVi stimulates cells to rejuvenate and repair damaged DNA. Ascent Adaptation and Rejuvenation offers this power alongside other proven methods to help patients outperform, recover, and slow the aging process.

Can I benefit from NanoVi?

Whether you are looking to repair after an injury, get to your next workout faster, or even to keep your skin looking young, NanoVi can help. Each situation revolves around the ability of the body to repair.

Our deployment of this battle-tested technology allows you to avoid drugs and other alternative approaches to a speedy recovery. Oxidative stress can accumulate and NanoVi helps combat the heightened impact negative free radicals have on your body.

A full-body approach to regeneration

Ascent Adaptation and Rejuvenation helps clients through a full-body approach. Recovery relies on everything from nutrition to appropriate waste elimination. Everything you do to reduce stressors, improve the availability of vitamins and minerals, and stimulate positive signals help.

We offer services ranging from light-based stimulation and Cyclical Variations in Adaptive Condition or CVAC to the new and innovative NanoVi. Patients gain an edge over the competition and an advantage over time with our technologies through mental and physical preparation.

NanoVi in Orange County

Ascent Adaptation and Rejuvenation combines NanoVi with other techniques aimed at eliminating cellular waste and maximizing blood flow. When following appropriate nutritional and health-related guidelines, our patients experience optimal results.

Slow the aging process, perform at your peak, and rebound faster with the help of our expert team of experienced professionals. We help hundreds of athletes and countless others reach their physical goals every year. Get in touch today to find out more.

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