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Red Light Therapy Newport Beach

Ascent is the only facility offering red light therapy in Newport Beach. If you’re interested in rejuvenation therapy, contact one of our specialists about our new technology treatments that increase the body’s natural production of Nitric Oxide, accelerate wound healing, prevent damage to cells, and protect against disease.

Med Spa Costa Mesa

As you search for a Med Spa in Costa Mesa offering PEMF therapy, keep Ascent Adaptation & Regeneration in mind. We offer affordable Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field treatment to improve physical function, help with sleep patterns, and increase mental clarity. Our website is a great resource for learning more about PEMF.

Natural Testosterone Newport Beach

When it comes to pain Natural Testosterone in Newport Beach, one name comes to mind. Ascent Adaptation and Regeneration is proud to offer treatments for Natural Testosterone using the latest technologies available today. Our LightStim LED Red Light Therapy is helping patients get relief from chronic pain by reducing inflammation and muscle soreness and increasing blood flow.

PEMF Therapy Newport Beach

Book a session with Ascent Adaptation & Regeneration for PEMF therapy in Newport Beach. PEMF is an innovative treatment that benefits the circulatory system, improving blood flow and helping patients live their best life. Get up and moving with PEMF treatment in Orange County's favorite MedSpa location.


Compare our newest technologies at Ascent Adaptation & Regeneration with NanoVi and see why we are the most respected wellness facility in Orange County. Our advanced science methods improve blood circulation, help with performance, and improve mental and physical activity both in and out of the gym.

Lymphatic Massage Orange County

If your doctor or medical professional recommended lymphatic massage Orange County, Ascent has the equipment to deliver results. Our BalancerPro equipment helps with lymphatic drainage, facilitating the flushing out of toxins and lactic acid, alleviating muscle soreness. Enjoy a pain-free BalancerPro session at Ascent for real results.

PEMF Huntington Beach

Find out how you can benefit mentally and physically from PEMF in Huntington Beach when you contact Ascent Adaptation & Regeneration. You'll find a wealth of information available on our website when you explore our Day Spa online- or reach out to an Ascent specialist who can help you get set up with your first session.

PEMF Santa Ana

You've heard about the benefits of PEMF in Santa Ana- now you can take advantage of its proven effective therapy when you contact Ascent Adaptation & Regeneration. We are pleased to offer Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field treatment as a safe and effective way to improve blood flow and cardiac function.

PEMF Irvine

Experience the benefits of PEMF in Irvine at Ascent Adaptation & Regeneration. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field treatment improves mental and physical function, leaving you better able to live the good life. Browse our FAQ section online to find out how PEMF can positively impact your life or call Ascent today to book a session.

PEMF Orange County

Discover the many health benefits of PEMF in Orange County when you contact Ascent Adaptation & Regeneration. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field technology is a proven and patented process that renews the patient mentally and physically. You'll find additional information on PEMF as you explore the Ascent website.

Biohacking Newport Beach

Biohacking in Newport Beach, or do-it-yourself Biology, is best left to the experts. Ascent can assist you in improving quality of life, alleviating pain, and getting back to the life you're used to living. If you're looking for a pain-free post-injury treatment or a new way to enhance performance in the gym or on the court, Ascent may be right for you.

PEMF Costa Mesa

Book a PEMF in Costa Mesa session at Ascent that will help you perform better on and off the court. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy is quickly becoming one of the most popular treatments for improving physical fitness, endurance, strength, and energy. You can learn more about the science of PEMF when you explore the Ascent website.


Experience a session with ballancerPro at Ascent and see positive results after a single session. BalancerPro helps with lymphatic drainage, using 24 chambers, compared with most other systems' 5 chambers, delivering exceptional results you'll feel immediately. Find out more about BalancerPro at Ascent.

Anti-Aging Newport Beach

Are you looking into alternative treatments for anti-aging in Newport Beach? If you haven’t yet heard of Ascent’s facility for rejuvenation, feel free to browse our list of services online or contact one of our staff members about treatments. We are the nation’s only facility specializing in cellular-level rejuvenation techniques.

Chronic Pain Newport Beach

Get relief from chronic pain in Newport Beach at Ascent Adaptation and Regeneration. We’re using cutting-edge technology and treatments to help patients experience temporary relief from muscle and joint pain, arthritic pain and stiffness, muscle soreness, and other types of pain. Our LightStim therapy is painless and effective.

Reduce Inflammation Newport Beach

Are you looking into new treatments to reduce inflammation in Newport Beach? Medical experts agree that inflammation is the #1 cause of most disease. Ascent offers cutting-edge treatments and therapies designed to reduce inflammation on the cellular level, helping the body to recover faster from injury and surgery while protecting against cellular damage.


Learn about the multi-benefits of the LightStim LED bed at Ascent and how you can take advantage of its unique health perks. Red Light Therapy at Ascent can help with muscle soreness and inflammation, blood flow issues, stiffness and pain, while speeding the healing process and assisting the body in oxygen and nutrient delivery.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy has been proven effective for reducing pain and inflammation and helping the body to recover post-activity and post-injury. You can learn more about the multi-advantages of LightStim treatments when you explore the resources found online at Ascent- or by scheduling a red light therapy session at our location.

PEMF Newport Beach

Visit Ascent for your next PEMF in Newport Beach. We offer a number of Pulsed Energy technology sessions at Ascent, designed to help you perform better in the gym and on the field. PEMF can relieve your chronic or acute pain and help you work out longer for better results. Contact an Ascent specialist for additional information.

NanoVi Orange County

Are you looking into NanoVi in Orange County? You'll experience better results with our technology at Ascent Adaptation & Regeneration. We employ the latest technological advances to improve physical and mental well-being, with exceptional results. Click on 'Our Technologies' to learn more about what we're all about.
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