Anti-Aging Newport Beach

Anti-Aging Newport Beach

Anti-Aging Newport Beach

Getting old is just a phase

Aging is a natural process we cannot avoid. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to delay its coming or minimize the impact of its symptoms. Fortunately enough, this is what we are doing here, at Ascent Adaptation. Combining the latest biological enhancement methods with innovative, state of the art clinically tested machinery allows us to carry on the anti-aging battle on our terms.

Anti-aging in Newport Beach means more than just a commercial eye-catching slogan. Here, it stands for diving at the core of the problem and fight it with all the tools available. The aging process, although inevitable, can advance slower or faster and can come with different symptoms, depending on each person in particular. Whatever the case may be, there are specific processes that are known to speed up aging and these are universal, affecting every human being.

While some are natural, others are manmade, linked to one’s lifestyle choices and the most important ones (from both categories) include:

- Poor blood oxygenation due to the lack of physical activity

- The accumulation of free radicals affecting the organs and the biological processes they entail

- A larger body weight, leading to the premature aging of the organs and the joints

- Poor blood circulation

- An improper mental state, haunted by anxiety, daily stress and negative feelings

- Cellular degradation

These can all contribute to a premature aging process in their own way. What’s the solution?

Redefining old age

The notion of anti-aging in Newport Beach refers to adopting specific methods and tools to deal with the aforementioned problems. And the most well-known and most effective of them are:

1. BEMER – A device that functions based on electromagnetic waveforms. It consists of a module called the B. Body, which infuses your body with the BEMER signal, via an electromagnetic shower. The result? This innovative device is meant to improve your body’s circulatory system. Higher blood flow means more blood oxygenation, resulting in more effective, optimal internal processes.

2. Nexalin – This is a non-invasive brain therapy, aiming to counter the symptoms of popular mental affections like insomnia, anxiety or even depression. It is already well known that these problems are the outcome of the chemical imbalance at brain level. It is this imbalance that Nexalin seeks to resolve, via low-frequency waveform stimulation. Over 80% of the clients using it have reported improvements in this regard.

3. CVAC – The Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning is a simple process, despite sounding complicated. In short, it consists of a pod-like personal chamber that mimics a hypobaric, where you are subjected to rapid and significant changes in the atmospheric pressure. It shifts between sea level and altitudes reaching up to more than 22,000 feet, alternatively relaxing and contracting your muscles, organs and blood vessels.

What do these 3 devices all have in common? One thing – delay the aging process. Like we’ve said before, anti-aging in Newport Beach consists of a multitude of advanced techniques and we, at Ascent Adaptation, are focusing on efficiency above everything else.

Anti-Aging Newport Beach
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Anti-Aging Newport Beach Anti-Aging Newport Beach Anti-Aging Newport Beach