Altitude Training

Altitude Training

Everybody should practice a sport, thanks to the amazing physical and mental benefits. At Ascent Adaptation, we offer you all the benefits of practicing intense physical activity, but without the fallout – altitude training in our CVAC.

What is CVAC?

CVAC (Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning) is a revolutionary device designed to enhance the body’s physical conditioning without resorting to mechanic stress. All that CVAC does is to alternate low and high pressure inside a specifically-made pod, simulating real-life altitude changes. The results are amazing, as the procedure forces your entire body to react to the stimuli and adapt fast.

It represents the equivalent of working at high intensities for long periods of time, which boosts your body’s ability to adapt to stress stimuli. The critical advantage is that, unlike real-life training, CVAC doesn’t affect your joints, bones, or muscles, and it doesn’t create the physical discomfort typical to any intense workout routine. It is a clean procedure that delivers incredible long-lasting benefits.

CVAC pod benefits

The device functions by rapidly altering the atmospheric pressure inside the habitat, which will cause extensive changes in your body’s functioning. As a result, the blood flow will increase, causing the entire organism to react and adapt to the stimuli. The benefits will become visible fast:

Reduced healing times – Since your blood circulation will improve dramatically, more oxygen and nutrients will reach the damaged areas in the body, speeding the cells’ regenerative capabilities. Joint or muscle pain and inflammation will decrease fast, as the recovery time after intense workout routines will diminish significantly.

Better physical capabilities – With more oxygen running through your system, your physical capabilities will increase accordingly. As a result of regular altitude training, your body will go through a process of forced adaptation. Your stamina will increase, as well as your overall athletic performance, including reaction time and mental acuity.

Improved sleep – CVAC is incredibly effective in regulating your brain’s functioning as well. As more nutrients and oxygen will reach your brain, you should be able to see drastic improvements in the sleeping pattern, as well as your overall cognitive functioning.

Just remember that this technology isn’t designed to treat any condition. We have made it to improve the body’s functioning and increasing athletic performance with a minimum of effort.

How to improve health and fitness?

While regular workout routines are vital for your physiological wellbeing, our CVAC technology offers you extensive advantages as well. Getting in shape can become a daunting task, especially if you’re generally not physically active. Our CVAC will give you just the boost you need. With two 20-minute sessions, three times per week, you will notice significant gradual improvements in your physical and mental fitness, as well as your ability to recover after intense physical stress.

You will also experience improved cognitive functioning, allowing you to become sharper and more mentally resilient. At Ascent Adaptation, we use altitude training simulation to increase your energy levels, stamina, and athletic performance. Give CVAC a try, and you won’t regret it!

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