Post Surgery Recovery Newport Beach

Post Surgery Recovery Newport Beach

No more post surgery recovery problems

Going through a surgery is not fun and it is definitely not something to be looking for. Which is why we are always looking for ways to help our bodies recover faster, with less pain and less medication. And when it comes to natural, fast and effective post-surgery recovery in Newport Beach, there is but one instance where you can find some of the best treatment methods – Ascent Adaptation.

No medication, no drugs, no chemicals and no other substances are required, because what we have here are natural, non-invasive techniques that work by helping the body heal itself faster. Practically, there are 3 aspects that need to function perfectly for the body to recover full-speed after an injury, which is what surgeries actually are:

- A more effective circulatory system

- Better cellular regeneration rates

- More oxygen and nutrients carried through the bloodstream

As long as these conditions are met, you should have no problems with post surgery recovery. Unfortunately, more often than not, that’s not the case, because few people have a perfectly functioning body. Which is where our devices come into play.

Readjusting the body’s functionality

There is no single miraculous device or method that would deliver the perfect results in one go. The human body is one of the most complex pieces of machinery we know and it is only obvious for it to require multiple, complex approaches. As a result, there are several patented therapeutic technologies that work together for the optimal results. And, depending on the timeframe of the post-surgery recovery in Newport Beach, we have:

1. Immediate recovery – It is the most important, because the body is in the most precarious moment, when the wounds are still fresh and it needs all the help it can get to overcome the damages. This is where a more effective circulatory system, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the affected areas is crucial, as well as more cellular regenerative power. BEMER uses and electromagnetic field to improve blood circulation, while the LightStim LED Bed reduces inflammation and speeds up tissue repair with the help of red light therapy (photobiomodulation).

2. Distant recovery and strengthening – Some medical interventions leave the body in need for constant long-term care for it to be able to fully recover. In that regard, our CVAC pod (Cyclic Variations in Adapting Conditioning) puts stress on the body through pressure changes, forcing it in the same way intense physical workouts would and improving blood circulation, blood oxygen levels and potentially improve stem-cell production. Sonix WBV is another device that uses vibration in the range of 3-50 Hz, improving your muscle strength, flexibility and mobility.

As you can see, the recovery process, especially after demanding or complicated medical interventions, needs to be tackled with extreme care. In this context, post-surgery recovery in Newport Beach means resorting to advanced technologies and devices for immediate, long-lasting benefits. And Ascent Adaptation takes pride in using some of the most innovative technologies the market has in store.

Post Surgery Recovery Newport Beach
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