Physical Therapy Newport Beach

Physical Therapy Newport Beach

Take your body to another level

When hearing the words “physical therapy” most people immediately think of health problems needing fixing. And while that is true for most cases, it is not true for all of them. As a team of professionals we, at Ascent Adaptation, deal not only with bodies in need of healing, but also with those in need of performance. How exactly do we do that and what does physical therapy in Newport Beach refers to?

Before getting to the heart of it, you have to know that there are several areas that need to function perfectly for the body to remain in peak condition:

- The blood circulatory system

- Cellular regenerative rates

- The level of toxins in the bloodstream and at cellular level

- Blood oxygenation 

- The amount of nutrients being carried through the bloodstream

As long as these are at optimal levels, you most likely don’t need our help. Unfortunately, that’s almost never the case with anyone.

Using science to enhance the human body

The body knows what it needs to heal itself. It is just that the choices we make stand in its way. This is why we always resort to science to provide us with the latest, best technologies we need to overcome those problems. What that leaves us with are some of the most innovative therapeutic technologies and devices currently available on the market. What does physical therapy in Newport Beach consists of?

Let’s have a look:

1. The BEMER Module 

This device functions based on using electromagnetic stimulation to drive the BEMER signal deep within the body’s cellular layers. It improves blood flow, endurance, muscular strength, energy levels and it keeps your heart stronger and healthier.

2. The LigthStim LED Bed

It works based on the principle of photobiomodulation, which is red light and infrared light therapy. Your cells will capture the light and change their chemical behaviors, leading to accelerated cellular regeneration, protection against free radicals, anti-aging effects and skin protection against UV damages, to name a few.

3. Sonix WBV

WBV stands for Whole Body Vibration, which is pretty suggestive to start with. The device uses variable frequencies to transmit vibrations into the muscles. Research has shown that it can improve muscle strength, flexibility and balance and that it can even deliver cerebral benefits, as the vibrations cause neuromuscular responses as well.


The Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning is another innovative therapeutic technology that subjects you to alternative pressure changes. In the purest sense of the word, this is physical conditioning, improving your circulatory system and increasing stamina and athletic performance.

5. Nexalin

A device using a low-frequency waveform to influence the brain and its internal processes. Studies suggest that this form of therapy is useful in treating symptoms associated with anxiety, insomnia and depression.

We take physical therapy in Newport Beach seriously, because health is a serious matter. And here, at Ascent Adaptation, we only use patented, verified technologies, whose purpose is to heal, improve and enhance the human body.

Physical Therapy Newport Beach
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