Pain Management Newport Beach

Pain Management Newport Beach

One of the most exciting and quickly growing areas of pain management breakthroughs is in what is known as regenerative therapy, where the patient is taught to allow their own body heal itself. This unique field of medicine has been proven to be highly effective in the management of pain and it can even be a substitute for having to take dangerous pain medicines. At Ascent, we provide cutting-edge regenerative therapies that aid in Pain Management in Newport Beach.

Ascent is the only regenerative therapy center of its kind throughout the entire US that offers alternative methods and approaches for Pain Management in Newport Beach. We utilize advanced and innovative modern-day technologies that have shown as being significantly effective in relieving many types and levels of pain. Our patients are taught to use their own bodies’ inherent healing properties to create a stronger blood flow, increase their oxygen levels and naturally detoxify their systems.

Our Technology
At Ascent, we utilize what is known as our BEMER, which stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation, to increase circulation throughout the small blood vessels that make up approximately 75% or our circulatory system. The BEMER delivers a specifically designed pulse-like energy that increases circulation to the cells that deliver a greater amount of oxygen and nutrients for better cell growth and development. This allows the body to function more efficiently and builds stronger tissue which can ultimately allow the body to heal itself.

The Sonix WBV, also known as the Sonix Whole Body Vibration is easily the most effective whole body vibration technologies that are currently available. The key to the effectiveness of this medical breakthrough is through the specific vibration frequencies that are delivered to the body. At a lower frequency of vibration the body will experience joint maintenance and a total body detoxification, and when the vibration frequency increases your body will being to experience an improved circulation which can aid those suffering from arthritis and fibromyalgia.

As the vibration frequencies become even stronger and more intense, your body will begin to experience the most advantages of the Sonix Whole Body Vibration therapy. Now, your body begins the body-building related effects of a full-blown workout. Here is where your body begins to burn excess fat and your bone density increases to extremely high levels, which is helpful for those struggling with weak and brittle bones, such as seen in osteoporosis.

Sonix machines are completely motor-less and rely on sound waves to deliver the vibration frequencies. Unlike other machines that use batteries, the Sonix is completely silent, it’s user-friendly, more dependable and lighter in weight. It is indeed a medical marvel that can help your body heal and regenerate itself.

Ascent is the leading health facility that offers an extremely effective alternative to Pain Management in Newport Beach. If you are struggling with pain throughout your daily routine, you can get started by leaving your contact information by sending us an email or simply give us a call.

Pain Management Newport Beach
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